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Better Business Beyond The Bottom Line Featuring Walter Robb, Former Co-CEO of Whole Foods Market

Walter Robb speaks about his experiences at Whole Foods Market and growing from 12 to 475 stores in his tenure there. How did he do it? By using conscious capitalism. Get your note taking tools out because you're not going to want to miss this lesson in business as Mr. Robb discusses how being a better business means going beyond the bottom line.

Diana Kelley, Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Chief Technology Officer Provides Important Cyber Tips for Your Digital Life

Microsoft's Cybersecurity CTO Diana Kelley provides incredible statistics and tips to give you the knowledge on how to protect yourself in your digital life. Being insecure in a today's digital world is a direct invitation to hackers to target you. Take advantage and listen to this podcast as Diana provides you with some incredible information on ransomware, password protection and email scams to make you feel more confident in your digital life. Knowledge is power!

How Fake Online Pet Sellers Steal From Unsuspecting Pet Buyers

In the current digital age, it is no surprise that the first step in many people’s search for a new pet begins with the internet. Alas, even the most careful online search is likely to put a consumer in contact with a potential thief. Learn the red flags you should watch out for when buying a pet online by listening to our podcast.

The Heartbreak of Online Dating Scams

Romance scam victims may be male or female, young or old, straight or gay. The common denominator for victims is that they believe in true love, and they believe they have found it. Hear real life stories and an actual victim, and learn how to protect yourself from falling victim by listening to our podcast.

How to Avoid Phishing/Email Scams and Protect Your Sensitive Information

This podcast will teach individuals and businesses how to protect their sensitive information from being stolen by scammers, fraud artists and hackers.

Featuring Special Guest: Ron Woerner, Bellevue University Cybersecurity Professor, President and Chief Security Evangelist of RWX Security Solutions

Business Email Compromise - Is Your Business Protected?

Learn how to protect your business from the #1 cyber threat - Business Email Compromise (BEC). Listen as our experts Eric Rodriguez, President of the ACFE Heartland Chapter and Ron Woerner, Bellevue University Cybersecurity Professor explain: What is BEC and why is it so effective? How do scammers select and defraud their targets within a business? What steps can businesses take to defend against this threat? Whether you're a large business or a small business....scammers target you all! Stay educated, because education is your best defense!

Do You Know What an Ethical Dilemma Is? 

Learn from the Business Ethics Alliance on what is an ethical dilemma? You might think you know, but we can guarantee at the end of this podcast you will definitely know! Knowledge is power, and the more you know, the stronger your organization will be - from the new hire, all the way up to the CEO! Strive to be better!

Scammes Are Using Counterfeit Products Online to Trick Consumers More Than Ever...Are You a Victim?

Are you an online shopper? Do you know that one in four people have bought something online that turned out to be counterfeit? Counterfeit goods are becoming a bigger and bigger issue every year. Many of these counterfeit goods are being shipped directly from China. The next time you buy something online, make sure you do your research and really look closely before purchasing the product. Ask BBB at!

How to Protect Your Information in the Digital World Feat. Rebecca Harold a.k.a. The Privacy Professor

Let's face it. Security is second is put on the back burner when it comes to making sure we know what's trending. In today's digital world, we are able to get the latest news as soon as it happens with our smart devices - BUT that's what cyber crooks use to trick us into giving up security of our information. In this podcast Rebecca Harold, a.k.a. The Privacy Professor, gives us practical tips to protect our information - whether it's at work, home or on the go!

How to Apply for a BBB Integrity Award

This video will walk you through one of our workshops on how to apply for a BBB Integrity Award. This video includes tips and information on what the judges are looking for and how to write a top-notch application. If you have any questions, please call BBB Communications Director, Margo Riekes, at 402-898-8550.

Keep Your Business Cyber Secure with These Tips in 2019

This podcast summarizes the cyber threats cybersecurity experts saw in 2019 towards businesses and what to expect in 2019. Specifically, we will discuss how to handle ransomware, phishing email attacks and how businesses can train their employees to be cyber aware.

Featuring Special Guest: Ron Woerner, Bellevue University Cybersecurity Professor and President of RWX Security Solutions.

How to Stay Cyber Secure This Holiday Season

Guest: Ron Woerner, Cybersecurity Professor at Bellevue University and President of RWX Security Solutions


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